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How Much Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys Can Cost You

Before hiring a personal injury attorney for your case, you must know the amount by which the lawyer charges may cost you. Many personal injury lawyers require their clients to pay in two ways: hourly fees or contingency fees. To better understand which one is the right fit for your needs, here is an explanation of how these fees work.

Contingency Fees

This kind of fee is what is usually charged by many personal injury attorney phoenix. With this, you are only going to pay the attorney if they can win a settlement for you or defend your case and win. If the responsible party does not pay you for any of the damages, then your lawyer has can’t collect any fees from you. However, if they manage to win you a case, you will have to pay for the expenses that the attorney spent in preparation for defending your claim.

Contingency fees payment are usually obtained from the percentage of the money you get, and the exact amount will be different from varying areas. The two main advantages of contingency fees: first is that if you don’t win, then you have no monetary obligation to the lawyer; and second, is that your attorney may become motivated to win the case if they will also share the benefits with you.

Hourly Fees

With this setup, you will have to pay the attorney for all the hours that they spend working on your case, whether you win or not. You will also have to reimburse every cent that they devote to help your case. This billing rate is not as common as other because they usually ask the victims to settle the legal fees up front. Another reason is that lawyers don’t make as much money if they win a case.

If an injury lawyer presents you with this option, it means that the attorney thinks you have a weak case it will not have a huge payout.

Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Before hiring one, you may want to consult the attorney about the case. Examples of these are things like how much they think you might be able to receive and what percentage will they earn is the claim is won.

Having a personal injury lawyer can be of huge help to you because of its many benefits. However, you might want to check again the payment schemes you may be subjected to; after all, you are still obligated to settle your legal fees properly. For more information, you can consult the personal injury attorney in phoenix today.