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Do’s and Dont’s on the Road: A Quick Guide to Florida Driving Laws

Think back to the time you took your driver’s license and ask yourself how much you remember about the driving laws of your State. Does it seem like you recall everything or just maybe portions of it? Since individuals generally want to avoid being charged with a violation of any driving law with penalties or prevent themselves from seeking professional help from lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, here’s a quick guide to the driving laws of Florida:

Florida Driving Laws

The notable Florida driving laws that one needs to know are:

  • Headlights Requirement. One of the essential driving guidelines imposed upon drivers in Florida is to always keep their headlights on: in both morning and nighttime. This is likewise applicable during rainstorms and fogs.
  • No texting while Driving. It is illegal for you to text and drive at the same time in Florida. The reason for this is self-explanatory: there is undue risking when you take your eyes off the road, much less dart your eyes onto your phones.
  • Driving under the Influence, not allowed. No State allows driving while under the influence of alcohol, and Florida is no exception to that universal rule.
  • The use of driver’s licenses. In an overturned judicial ruling, the court and state officials of Florida has banned foreign tourists from using their home driver’s license in the State. For US citizens whose driver’s license were secured in another State, their permits may be used so long as they comply with Florida’s learner’s permit restrictions. For example, if your learner’s permit is already three months old, you can only drive your vehicle during daylight.
  •  Seat Belt Requirements. U.S. driving laws require the constant use of a seat belt. In Florida, it is illegal to drive if any occupant in your vehicle less than 18 years old is not fastened to a seatbelt.

Last Resort

Should you find yourself missing any of these laws, or committing a violation of these, you are subject to a charge and, in some extreme cases, an arrest. It is this time when you need to secure the services on an attorney to either get you out of a civil or criminal charge or lessen the penalties you would incur.

From a quick Google search alone, one can find a long list of search results showing the available lawyers in Florida, much more when you put specific search terms. The key to finding a good lawyer in violation of driving laws is to secure services from a criminal defense attorney who specializes in penal laws and personal injury. Moreover, you need to specify the county you are currently residing in: for instance, if you got arrested at Jacksonville, you might want to secure legal recourse from a lawyer residing in that area for immediate response and assistance.

Remember that securing the services of an attorney is only done as means of last resort. When you feel that you are at fault and that the fines or penalties will not be much of a chore, then skip on securing one.

A Precautionary Measure

Whether you’re a local from Florida or a visitor from elsewhere, it is essential to be well aware of the laws of the State you are in, especially when you’re going about to drive around to sight-see. This precautionary measure is done to ensure that you have a hassle-free ride across the State.


One would generally want to avoid being in conflict with the law because it is tedious and tiresome. That’s why ensuring that you do not violate any driving laws is crucial to easy traveling.


It is the responsibility of the driver to be knowledgeable of the driving laws which govern their actions on the road. Driving laws are enacted to ensure the safety of everyone on the road, and it wouldn’t hurt to follow these simple safety measures. Besides, violating any laws lead to conflict and unnecessary fines, which would cost you a sum of money, much more when it leads to court proceedings, which definitely works to empty the pockets.