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The Basics of Real Estate Tax Payments in Miami

Maintaining a property in Miami comes with managing payments for real estate taxes. But, if you are a new homeowner or a prospecting homebuyer, where should you start? Through the help of the best Miami real estate lawyer team, here are the basic things you need to know about tax payments on real property.

  1.  Real estate property taxes, also known as ad valorem taxes, are collected every year, and they can be paid online for easier access.
  2. The amount for real estate property taxes depends on the assessed value of a property, including the building, the land, and any form of improvements, as determined by the Property Assessor of the county.
  3. Real estate property taxes can also include non-ad valorem assessments like fire rescue and solid waste services.
  4. Local taxing authorities like the Children’s Trust, South Florida Water Management District, and the School Board, as wells as county officials and municipal governments, can determine millage rates.
  5. The amount of taxes due is determined by multiplying the property value to the millage rate, minus exemptions.
  6. Notices on real property taxes are mailed out on or before November 1st, and they must be settled before March 31st, as they are declared delinquent with added penalties and interest if you fail to pay on schedule.
  7. According to Florida Statute 197.122, if a taxpayer does not receive a notice of tax payment in November, it is their responsibility to contact the Tax Collector’s Office. Taxpayers are held liable with the task of making sure that they are aware of their tax dues.
  8. For added convenience, the Tax Collector’s Office of Miami Dade County offers to send out real property tax bills for the next year electronically. Involved parties can sign up at
  9. Payments can be made in four different ways:
    1. Online payments via credit cards or e-checks
    2. Payment through phone call
    3. Pay in person at the Tax Collector’s Office
    4. Pay through the mail via checks and money orders

Do You Have Real Estate Tax Problems?

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