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International Personal Injury Lawyer

If Your Claim Is Out Of The US, You Need An International Personal Injury Lawyer

Most people realize that if they’re shopping at the local store, or driving on the road in their hometown, they are protected by laws that help compensate them when they are injured by the neglect of others. That is to say, if a shelf falls on you at the grocery store and breaks your arm, the store’s insurance company will pay for your medical bills, lost time at work, long-term rehabilitation, and for pain and suffering. On the other hand, once you leave the US or most of Europe, you aren’t protected by any laws, and most people or companies don’t have insurance at all. This can make the collection of an international personal injury claim very difficult, or nearly impossible. For that reason, it’s imperative to hire an international personal injury attorney with experience in the country you’re dealing with.

Finding The At-Fault Entity And Their Insurance Company

After the accident the hardest thing is finding exactly who was at fault and if they have some kind of insurance coverage. Most large international companies are covered, so if a major oil company has a leak that ruins your fishery, you will be able to collect, but it won’t be easy. You’ll have to prove the foreign company’s negligence, and then most likely take them to court to collect. Foreign companies nearly always fight claims because there is a chance they can get out of paying anything at all. This is because many international laws aren’t as clear-cut as they are in the US, there are loopholes, payoffs, and bribes that can save a company plenty of money.

Sometimes suing the at-fault company in the US is the best way to go. This is using the justice system in the United States, even though the accident happens elsewhere, to get the company to settle the claim. The key is, only an experienced international personal injury attorney will already know where it’s best to file the lawsuit and pursue the claim. Any other type of attorney will have to do far more research, and still may never be able to file a claim on an international case.

International Personal Injury Claims Need International Investigators

Another problem with a local personal injury lawyer is that he won’t have investigators on staff that can quickly and easily find facts, witnesses, guilty parties, or anything else in a foreign country. That will take special contacts in the country that have been developed over years of work. That’s the reason looking for an international personal injury lawyer is so important.

Making filings in a foreign country may require special licenses particular to just that country as well, so that needs to be taken into consideration. Plus, if the local language isn’t English, that can be a huge problem in getting your claim settled.

If you’ve been injured or your business has been damaged by the actions of an international company, you owe it to yourself to get an international personal injury attorney for representation. They’ll have the knowledge and experience to handle the claim that most other types of lawyers won’t even come close to.