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What Criminal Lawyers Do


During a case, a criminal lawyer has to fulfill several duties. He is not only responsible for defending a client charged with a crime, but he also speaks on behalf of him. Aside from the court action, there are a few critical things that they have to perform for the success of the case. These, and more, are what criminal lawyers Ocala do to make sure they have the best outcome in the clients’ favor.  Here is what happens on a case:

Case Assignment

A criminal lawyer is either a public defender assigned by the court or someone contacted by the defendant directly. Public defenders are with the Public Defenders’ Office, and their cases are appointed by a local, state, or federal court. Other criminal lawyers work with firms. Some have their own legal office that is run by themselves. 

Interviews About The Case

Once the lawyer meets with the client, the lawyer should get as many details about the case as possible. He will ask questions about the situation and formulate defenses for the weaknesses, as well as the strengths of the case. This requires a thoroughly critical line of questioning. 

Case Investigation

Aside from interviewing the client, the lawyer also has to do his investigation and to determine any possible solution to make sure the defendant is acquitted. This investigation also includes getting in touch with the police and inquire about the process they had to follow on the case. 

Also, a criminal defense lawyer speaks with the witnesses who have information about the case and collects the information he needs. All these are critical in building a strong defense for the case. He would also interview an expert witness about the testimony and the evidence that will be presented. 

Moreover, he has the right to review the case of the prosecutor before it gets submitted to the jury. This review allows him to find any loopholes in the case against his client, and he could work on refuting any evidence by hiring an expert or independent lab to test the evidence. 

Evidence Analysis

Analyzing evidence means studying both theories and facts within the case. He can have the shreds of evidence tested independently for his review. Also, he can examine the evidence to determine any legal theories that would work against a conviction. 

Constant Client Contact

An excellent criminal defense lawyer keeps his client posted with any developments in the case and makes sure he is well-informed. Conversations are ensured to be confidential. 

Selection of the Jury

If your criminal lawyer has a basis, he can have a juror removed for cause, if there is any inclination of being biased against the defendant. The lawyer also assists in the process of selecting a jury. 

Plea Bargain

Negotiating with the prosecutor about any plea bargain or the status of the case is also a criminal lawyer must do. He may help find a more favorable deal for his client, which results in a reduction of possible punishment or charges. 

The Trial

He is responsible for fighting for the defendant during a trial. He examines and cross-examines witnesses, and try to convince the jury that the prosecution did not meet its burden of proof.


A criminal lawyer can represent his client during sentencing – either he accepted a plea bargain or was convicted by a judge or jury. He can still discuss with a judge or the jury any possible alternatives or to limit the serving time. Criminal defense lawyers do not take their job lightly. From the time that the case is assigned until sentencing, they would find all possible options for their defendants.