How to Win Your Case Without Settling

In case you experience any run-in with the law, and you’ll be needing criminal lawyers Dubai, or even civil lawyers, make sure you’ve exhausted all your solutions. In most instances, you can win your case even without going to court and going through lengthy negotiation proceedings. Here’s what you need to know how to win your case without settling.


Identify the Perpetrator

If you know you’re innocent, then you’ll need to begin with establishing who the real perpetrator is. You can do this by giving pieces of evidence such as reports, witness statements, among others, pointing to your innocence and the guilt of the other party. Every case starts with the identity of the perpetrator, and if you’re definite about the wrong they did, it can significantly affect the outcome of your case to lean in favor of you.

Start Setting up Claims

You need to act fast during the 24 hours of the incident, and start protecting your rights. If you’re not fast enough, the other party can already bombard you with several claims like insurance, accident, among others. If you leave the filing of your claims to some other day, then you’re delaying your chances of settling the case immediately. Moreover, you’re giving your opponent the leverage of pointing all the blame on you.

Asses the Monetary Worth of the Damages

It’s better to immediately assess how much damage was caused because of the incident. You can include in the following:

  •  Loss of Income
  • Damage to Property
  • Emotional Suffering

If what you’re claiming for isn’t too big, then the chances are you can settle your case immediately. However, if you present a significant amount, your opponent will most likely deny such an amount of liability. You need to be realistic with the amount you’re indicating, and provide supporting documents for such.

You can win your case by yourself, without hiring a lawyer, going to court, and settling. As long as you know how to play your cards well and prepare all your documents, you should be good on your own.


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