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Do You Really Need DUI Attorney Jacksonville FL

DUI (Driving under influence) is a serious criminal charge since the impaired drive is putting so many people’s lives at risk. If you have been charged with one, here are some of the situations where a DUI attorney Jacksonville FL will come in handy for your case.

1. Expertise – Has the lawyer handled DUI cases before? If so, how many cases and out of those cases how many were actually successful? Remember, a DUI falls under criminal law so you need an attorney with experience in handling them. Additionally, make sure your attorney works in the Jacksonville FL for the best results.

2. Relationship With Prosecutors – A lot of DUI cases end up with a plea bargain and that’s why you need a DUI attorney Jacksonville FL who has a good relationship with prosecutors for the best results. Someone with a good relationship with the court shows professionalism and a proper understanding of the process.

3. Legal Team – In some cases a DUI charge might be a simple matter that can be handled by only one professional. However, if it becomes a bit complex, it’s prudent to hire a DUI attorney with a legal team of investigators and paralegals to guarantee the best results with the case.

4. Fees – Of course, you need to know how much you are going to pay for the case. Depending on the attorney’s fees, you can choose the hourly rate or payment once the case is over. Whatever it is, make sure it is convenient enough for you.

All in all, you need to do your due diligence when you are looking to hire a DUI attorney. Remember, this is the person who can guarantee whether or not you will end up with a serious criminal record or a lesser plea bargain. You can ask for recommendations from other legal professionals since it’s a tightly-knit community.